About Me
I believe that there is magic in design. A well-crafted user experience can transport users to a world of endless possibilities, starting with a simple introduction and ending with a lifelong customer relationship. I have always been fascinated by the power of storytelling, and believe that great design should be simple, intuitive, and leave a lasting impression.

I’m a natural storyteller, designer, and creative leader with nearly two decades of hands-on and leadership experience across the full spectrum of design. I’m a big-picture thinker and a results-driven strategist who pushes the boundaries of what’s possible to deliver results that consistently exceed expectations.

Figma | Sketch | Adobe XD | InVision | Jira
Photoshop | Illustrator | After Effects | Audition
iOS & Material Design | Wordpress | HTML | CSS
Maze, Optimal Workshop | Userlytics | Optimizely
Google Analytics | Adobe Analytics | AppBot

Listen to Users

Gather data from customer feedback, sales insights, app reviews, competitor research, and analytics to surface issues and opportunities.

Get Grounded

Define the central problem, identify key personas, map the user journey, and create user flow diagrams before design.

Rapid Ideation

Rapid prototyping helps identify complex usability issues faster and decreases the lead time to get critical feedback from user testing.

Test & Refine

User testing data helps to resolve minor UX issues, reduce technical debt, and improve overall usability before developer hand-off.

Get In Touch!

If you have a project or position that you'd like to discuss, let's get in touch! Send me a message using the form below, or call me at +1 (773) 495-6064.